Thank you so incredibly much to my amazing family for tickets to see the US vs Brazil game! They played at the Fedex stadium in Maryland which is kind of a hassle to get to. My brother was in charge of orchestrating the birthday gift and I’m sure he was humiliated as I stood in line to buy a Landon Donovan jersey and wouldn’t stop screaming and jumping up and down. Yes I was that girl. We had great seats, right at half line and first row. Now that I’ve experienced the intimacy of the game with those seats, I may not be able to sit anywhere else. The energy of the crowd was incredible, with 60,600+ in attendance. I have never understood why people don’t enjoy watching soccer. Watching this game reminded me that Brazil is on my list of top 5 places I want to go along with Portugal, Tibet, Antartica, and Morocco.

I took a lot of creepy, paparazzi shots of the players but I won’t post those gems, but I have a few below!

Less than two weeks until I leave for Palestine. I have a feeling I’ll be up packing the night before at the productive rate I’m going…



I’m Glad You Came…

I’ll try keep this short and sweet. I cannot believe that I am already back in VA. The time in San Francisco flew by especially after the amazing two days spent at Stinson Beach. We had a delicious lunch at a Mexican restaurant, Joe’s Taco Lounge. A perfect way to start the day. We continued on to Muir Woods, a national park filled with incredible Redwood trees. After frolicking for a bit and cleaning out the gift store we made our way back to the Parish household to clean up and prepare for the perfect last meal at a Burmese restaurant down the street from Chelsea’s house. Exhausted as we were, we ended the night with more apples to apples (I don’t think we’ll ever get sick of that game) and some questionable tv choices. Unfortunately, Hallie and I had to leave at the crack of dawn to catch our 7am flights and now, here I am back in the 703. I won’t have much to write over the next couple of weeks but I leave in 17 days for the West Bank!!!

P.S. I’ll be adding books that I want to read to my GoodReads list on the right column, check them out! I’m always looking for book recommendations!

Alcatraz & Beaches

On the morning of the 23rd we took a ferry over to Alcatraz, the former prison, located about 10-15minutes off the coast of San Francisco.  I had no idea what to expect but upon arriving was amazed at the stature and up keeping of the former maximum security prison. I won’t go too much into the history but the hallways had seen the likes of Al Capone, one attempted escape and one “escape” which still remains a mystery today. The audio tour is one of the best I’ve heard with stories told from former prisoners and officers which made the tour really come to life. Besides for all the tourist. this is a must do in San Francisco.

After Alcatraz we headed back to the Parish household and packed to head to Stinson beach to spend the next two days at the beach house. When we arrived, it was the perfect set up for us. Naturally, Phil, Molly and I were given the kids room and Chelsea and Hallie had their own adult rooms. Before we arrived we bought an obscene amount of groceries but have so far cooked absolutely delicious meals. The 48 hours so far has been mostly spent cooking and eating, playing apples to apples, UNO, dancing, eating, swimming in the lagoon, kayaking and warming up in the jacuzzi. This has been the most fun and relaxing time I’ve had in a really long time! Unfortunately we leave tomorrow morning and then I leave Saturday morning, it feels like I just got here. Then off to Palestine shortly after that!!

I also forgot to mention I was able to see my old High School Teacher Meena (Ms. Srinivasan) the night before. She was a mentor and friend to me while living in New Delhi. I met her in Rockbridge, only minute away from what I hope to be my future home in Berekely, and had a delicious dinner and great conversation. It was great seeing her and how great things are for her here!


NGE (No ‘Grets Ever)

The past couple of days have been absolutely unreal. The fact that we have been able to get so much done in such a short amount of time has been incredibly impressive. Once the rest of the crew arrived (Mollie and Phil) we accomplished quite a lot, I’ll try and keep this post short and not talk too much about food. But, I do need to mention this amazing French bistro that Mrs. Parish took us to called Maman. I ordered scrumptious garlic and white wine mussels with thin french fries. YUM! We then went to the MOMA and I was fascinated by the art of Jim Cambell while pretending to shop in the Mark Bradford collection.

The next day we headed to the Academy of Science which exceeded my expectations after visiting the Planetarium. We saw a space show which absolutely blew my mind, something you might have to see to believe. We then walked on the scenic Landsend which has breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The inner tourist in all of us came out at this point, we might have about 300 pictures of the walk and another 300 at our destination, the Labyrinth. The rest of the day was relaxing, with a marathon of an extremely embarrassing show which shall not be named and a delicious home cooked meal by Mrs. Parish.


SanFran, so Fraîche!

So it’s official. I’m moving to the San Francisco area after I graduate. Though at times bipolar, the weather is amazing and absolutely gorgeous. We started out by having breakfast at Rosa’s Café on Union Street. I ordered black tea which was absolutely delicious. I mean, it’s really hard to go wrong with tea, but it was amazing! As we waited for our food we had the honor of seeing the drunk attendees of the Bay to Breakers race. Questionable if they were actually racing. I’m pretty sure they were just there for the costumes and party. When our food finally did come, it was outstanding. I had a salmon cozy sandwich with watercress and arugala while Chelsea had a créme fresh salmon pizza with scrambled eggs (I shamelessly ate almost half).

We continued on to the Crissy Field, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Fort Point Lighthouse. The lighthouse actually has an incredible history dating back to the Civil War and World War II. After leaving the tourist sites, we were heading to an art show when we realized San Francisco Giants were playing. We spontaneously decided that we were going to attend, bought two tickets and I of course, bought myself a Giants shirt. And…I have to bring up the food (the highlight of any place you go). We had amazing garlic fries, and because I didn’t think the garlic was enough..I added onions too. Best early afternoon snack! And to make myself feel better, the snack was followed by a late afternoon snack consisting of my favorite kind of yoghurt (NOT GREEK/Chobani) with strawberries and blackberries. The rest of the day was obviously followed by more and MORE food then picking up the one and only Hallie S, from the airport. It’s not even 11pm and we’re all exhausted. I’m looking forward picking up Pieps and Phil and for the 101 other things that are planned for the rest of this week after having such a fun first day 🙂

(Palestine) فلسطين

Hunger StrikesI’ve recently been seeing a lot of people on facebook using these images as their display pictures.  They have helped significantly in spreading awareness and showing solidarity for over 2,000 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strick and being held in Israel. It’s truly shocking that stories like this don’t get as much attention as they should in the Western media..

More information:

If you’re going to San-Fran-cisco…

I honestly cannot believe that my summer has already started and I’m officially a Junior in college. What better way to start my vacation than to head to the West coast, or the “Left coast” as my dad likes to call it. 1 week in San Francisco eating amazing food and hanging out with my best friends from Conn. seems perfect. Seeing as I won’t see them for a year, I’m glad I get to spend time with them post finals and mental break downs.

Let the countdown begin!

I feel very fortunate to be given opportunities that will take me across the world for the next 16 months. I know I’m not the greatest at keeping in touch so I want to use this blog to keep my friends and family informed of my adventures  while away. I hope that all of you reading will comment on my post and say hello. It would be nice to know I’m not talking to myself [a legitimate concern] 🙂