I am back in the Middle East (I just can’t seem to stay away) and this time I am spending the summer in Amman, Jordan. I am doing a “homestay” with the family of my best friend. The organization I will be interning with is a new NGO called “Hopes for Women in Education”which works with underrepresented women, in particular Palestinian Women Refugees in promoting education opportunities, and facilitating empowerment and women’s rights in a society where they are not only disadvantaged by their status as refugees but one that is also patriarchal in nature.


Last summer I travelled to Palestine, the West Bank more specifically, through a program called “Palestine Summer Encounter”. During my time there I lived with a family in Bethlehem, took part in a volunteer program and studied Arabic! I was in Palestine until mid-August!

Following my summer in Palestine, for the 2012-2013 academic year, I studied in Doha, Qatar  at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. Here’s a list of the classes I took:

Fall semester:

  1. Islam & Politics,
  2. History of US Foreign Policy
  3. Comparative Politics of the Middle East
  4.  Advanced Arabic

Spring semester:

  1. Advanced Arabic
  2. United States Political Systems (USPS)
  3. Lobbyists and Interests
  4. a seminar on Iranian Foreign Policy

I lived in an apartment on campus with one other girl from the UK who studies journalism at Northwestern.

*Comments are welcome especially when there is so much to say about this part of the world.

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