Words cannot even express the gratitude I have for the 16 students who met with me for over two hours divulging deep details of their lives. They interacted with me as open books, not withholding a single detail. While the seminar held was mainly to conduct a workshop on CV writing, I had them talk about a series of questions I had emailed to them before hand. 


On Saturday we discussed some of the questions, and it was such a fruitful discussion, with answers I wasn’t even expecting. Comments and stories ranged from sexual assault by male employers to blatant discrimination due to being a Gazan refugee (very different legally in comparison to Palestinian non-Gazan refugees). I am in awe of the perseverance and determination of some of these girls despite cultural, social, family and institutionalized inhibition to their success. My next blog piece will cover what was discussed and how their spirits have yet to falter and how organizations like Hopes for Women gives them the emotional and financial support to accomplish their dreams. 

It makes me so grateful for all the opportunities I have in my life and as well as truly inspired. In a country that relishes on Jordanian nationality, in my opinion a response to the diminishing of the ‘Jordanian’ identity (plight of Palestinian, Iraqi and now Syrian refugees) the young women have overcome a great deal. They want rights, equality and the same opportunities as every young woman in the country, better yet in the world. I cannot image the workshop being any more successful and I am forever thankful to have met them



One thought on “Workshop

  1. Dear J, I am so delighted for you that the workshop went so well. I am so impressed that you are devoting your time and energy to such a worthy undertaking. It is obvious that you care about these young people in a very special way. Thank you for letting me make this journey with you. Please continue to share. Be well, take care of yourself. Love Mom O

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