Egalitarian Feminism

Egalitarian Feminism – taking women’s needs into account, the processes used in the workshops were framed as ‘flexible’, ‘non-threatening’, ‘relaxed’, ‘informal’ and ‘inclusive’.

So I have to admit that I’m pretty nervous about tomorrows workshop I am leading. I’ve been reading a piece by Marjorie L. Devault about “Talking and Listening from a Women’s Standpoint: Feminist Strategies for Interview and Analysis” and it brings up some really good points. I know no one will be in the room evaluating me, and as far as anyone is concerned I could completely disregard her advice. However, this has been a project I’ve worked on for the past two years and the authenticity of it means more than anything to me. One of Devaults points addressed the challenges of being able to capture everything and not create a saturated version of people otherwise “her reality is not fully there in what I write” (103). Tomorrow I will be handing out a questionnaire of about 20 questions ranging from what school they attend to obstacles they have academically or socially. How do I find the balance of learning more about their lives and not creating an abstract that doesn’t address the real issues they face. I hope to avoid trying to create a narrative FOR them or asking questions that are limited in scope and create a one dimensional version of the students. What I’m hoping is the questions will lead to a free flowing discussion that won’t limit the students to 3-4 sentences. One thing I am excited about it that with the help of a HFW volunteer, I was able to have the questions translated into Arabic who prefer their native language to English. Though this will lead to more translation work for me when I get home, I hope it will provide them with more authority on what they want to say. Though the nerves are kicking in, I am sure that with the help of fellow HFW volunteers it will go smoothly.


One thought on “Egalitarian Feminism

  1. Go J! Such a thoughtful reflection on your important work. I’m sure it will go well. Update us after it’s done. 🙂

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